LIA Foundation


A combined effort can do more things more effectively

Volunteer With LIA

Be involved, for helping the ones in need of care and protection by volunteering to the cause during your free time. You can choose to teach, be a mentor or fundraise as a volunteer.

At LIA, we ensure that children get the best of their city’s young leaders and they have role models to look up to

LIA has established itself as an exciting and energetic organization that provides unique platforms to create positive change in the lives of children around the country.


The impact you can make by joining this mission

Individual Impact

Impact a group of children by consistently delivering classes or modules and raising funds through various initiatives to ensure LIA can.

Team Impact

Catch them young! Work with children from ages 10 - 13 to help them develop foundational skills like functional numeracy, literacy, self-confidence!

City Impact

Enable shelter-leaving youth gear up for and thrive in the real world. Mentor & support youth aged 16+ with skills and knowledge for a smooth transition.

Collective Impact

Enter the world of non-profit fundraising by enabling financial security and sustainability for the future of children in shelter homes in India.

We together are transforming people's lives. Read their stories.

Willing to give your precious time for the common good of the society? Volunteer with us and being a new notion to your personal and social lives