LIA Foundation

Ways to give

Mostly all people like to help people. But the lack of platforms which can be trusted drives you away most of the times. With LIA you are getting a trusted platform and multiple ways to help the needy timely. Through our flagship initiative of Operation Education, we forge you a great chance to offer a lending hand to the needy children and enhance your happiness quotient in life.

You can bring a smile on the kids face by giving various accessories at various price points at your convenience. It can be school bags, notebooks, textbooks, bicycles for girl children, higher education assistance and even play materials. We have taken great efforts in categorizing the needs of the kids so that you can have the satisfaction of contributing to the right need!


We have taken dedicated efforts in identifying the segments of the society which needs our responsible attention. We have welfare programs curated for widows, where you can pledge support for their health, supply provisions and even contribute to securing their future through monthly pension plans. We have programs to shelter the homeless by contributing to built a home or any aspects of home like a kitchen or toilet. You can even pay a general donation towards the cause as well. Your passion and responsibilities towards the needy are always commendable with LIA