LIA Foundation

Our Foundation

LIA prides itself in providing a strong foundation for the underprivileged in society and giving them the hope to lead a happy and hopeful life. We strive to make them happy in the way we can with the help of individuals who wish to donate a portion of their earnings for noble causes. We recognize that the road map ahead is complex and interlinked. Our initiatives are a perfect mix of combination touching every aspect that needs our combined intervention at the earliest- ranging from child education, women empowerment, shelter the homeless and tribal welfare.


We partner with like-minded individuals and organizations in providing livelihood support to people across different walks of society. Our volunteer group compiles outcome-based strategies with a strong vision and plan. We focus on giving foundation to the needy category with sustainable solutions that will make a commendable difference in their life. Together we intend to be the lifeline for millions of families who need the palm of hope for their life.

With more reputation and acceptance, LIA is now extending their activities to more overlooked sectors of our society. These initiatives include charities which focus on improving the livelihoods of widows, tribal welfares, sheltering the homeless, etc. In a bid to value our supporters, we have seasonal giving and birthday bounce back for donors and kids as well.

Our motto is to join hands with those who find happiness in sharing a bit from their life to rekindle the lives of fellow beings who are struggling out there. Together we intend to alleviate social issues around us and forging a better sustainable environment especially for the children and bring them to the forefront of the society.